• Dog must-haves. Food bowl, water bowl, treats, toys, ID tag, leash and collar, dog bed or crate, and of course, dog food. These are the basic items he will need for now. Please remember you have to consider his size right now. You might be buying something which may be too small or too big for him. Dog food cannot be missed. Follow the breeder’s or your trainer’s recommendation for now. Some of them give this as a freebie. And lastly, cleaning spray, puppy pads, and odour/stain remover. You would want your place to stay clean and still smell fresh!

  • Dog Healthcare and Licenses such as a microchip, pet insurance, dog license, and vaccines.

  • Dog-proof your home. Make sure that your house is ready. If you are bringing home a puppy, he may be teething and would grab and chew almost anything he can get his teeth on. You may want to keep your shoes in the closet as well as your slippers if you are not using them. Protect him from electrical wires, too. He may also find burning candles amusing. Flowers and plants should also be out of their reach.

  • Dog bed or crate. Dogs need privacy, too. They deserve some alone time just like us. Let him have his own space on his own bed or crate.

  • Spend time with your dog. On his first day at your home, take time off from your work to prepare yourself and to welcome him with ease. Let him walk around the house checking on every room and corner as he sniffs his way around. Gently introduce him to each member of the family including your other pets. From here on out, daily walks and quality time with your pooch will now be a part of your daily routine.

  • Find a good and trusted veterinarian. You may want to ask recommendations from your family and friends who are also dog lovers. The vet will tell you how to really take care of your pooch the best way possible. He will advise you regarding proper food and diet, the number of hours he has to sleep and rest, vaccines he cannot do without, the common diseases and how to avoid them, deworming schedules and even flea and tick protection.

  • Dog Training and socialization. Obedience training and potty training should be considered as soon as possible. Like kids, dogs need to know and follow the house rules. Your dog has to recognize and acknowledge you as his authority. He has to learn basic commands like sit, down, focus, heel, come etc. Nothing beats a well-behaved pooch!

Here at Bark & Birch we offer 1-2-1 training at your home as well as several board & train programs.

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