Dog aggression/anxiety



This program combines all of the commands from our basic obedience program as well as extended off leash obedience.



Dog aggression and/or anxiety 1:1

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WANT to have a much better control over obedience?


This program combines basic obedience to give you a better control with working on the specific issues that you are having. The trainer will come to your house and will work closely with you and other family members to put you back in control, rehabilitating your dog and helping to live you both a happier life.

We will also evaluate what changes can be made in the dog’s environment and lifestyle to help in the process of improving your dog’s mental state and decreasing their current reactivity to certain things in life eventually allowing to train them out of the current unwanted behaviour.

This program will help you with:

  • Decreasing reactivity towards other dogs and/or people
  • Desensitizing reactivity to specific issues

  • Decrease (seperation) anxiety



  • Sit

  • Down

  • Watch – the dog looks at you
  • Heel – Loose leash walking (no pulling anymore)

  • Come – dog comes and sits in front while looking up at you
  • Stay – patience command to wait for food, door openings, car

  • Greeting manners – not jumping up
  • Place

  • No – correction command
  • Free – release command
  • A lot of play and socialisation with other dogs!

    • Extended sit and down
    • Heel – when the dog comes from a distance and will turn sitting beside your leg
    • Heel off leash – teach the dog to walk beside you while off the lead
    • Middle go between your legs and sit
    • Front – dog will come running from a distance and sit in front of you



    • *Fuel fee could apply if outside a 20 mile radius of the trainer*

    WHAT DOGS ARE SUITABLE FOR THE eight 1:1 Home sessions?


    At Bark & Birch we have bespoke courses for every dog and every type of dog behaviour from basic obedience issues to more serious aggression issues.

    Our dog training is bespoke, so some dogs may suit some courses better than others – that is why we also offer an initial remote consultation service to provide guidance on the most suitable training type depending on your dogs issue.

    In General – this course can be taken with any dog – but, some dogs may require more advanced training – in general this course is suitable for:

    • Dogs who have shown aggression or aggressive behavior towards other people / animals
    • Dogs with an anxious predisposition
    • Dogs who are nervous, howling when left or are generally aggressive for no reason

    “Bark & Birch has been a god send. Our 2 year old PUG was destroying everything, their 2 week course made such a difference” 

    Rachel Anderson



    Passionate. Patient. Persistent. Pet-lovers. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe us. We know each animal is different, and our approach is to build a customised program around your dog. We currently train over 150 dogs per month.

    The team exists out of dog behaviourists, ex-police/army dog handlers and many other dog lovers.

    ​We strongly believe that issues with our dogs start with us as dog owners which is why our training always incorporates training the owner.

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