About Bea

Bea is an energetic and impassioned dog trainer and behaviourist with over 6 years of experience.
She has a strong determination to help owners achieve success and optimize their dog’s training through a deeper understanding of their dogs. Her time as a self-employed dog training professional has seen her specialize in Obedience and Canine Behavior and develop a vast experience with dogs of all breeds and sizes and varying training demands. This includes everything from puppy basics to behavioural rehabilitation cases.

With an affinity for larger dogs Bea has trained five of her own; two Deerhound crosses, a Caucasian Ovcharka, a Dutch Shepherd cross, and a husky cross. She has also rehabilitated and rehomed two rescues, a Belgian Malinois and a Dog De Bordeaux cross.
In her spare time, Bea enjoys family time, long hikes, rock climbing, bouldering and weight lifting/fitness training.


BIPDT Obedience Instructor
Canine Behavior Diploma