About Greig

Greig started his working career as a Royal Navy engineer, leaving to join the Ministry Of Justice and quickly specialised in the area of dog handling/instructing. During his time within the MOJ, he developed his professional and academic skillset, attaining a BSc in Criminal psychology, as well as qualify as the youngest K9 initial course instructor. His career led him into various specialised fields, included arms and explosives search dogs, narcotics search dogs and riot K9 support, gaining Home Office certification in all fields of the areas of his expertise.

Greig left the MOJ in 2010 to develop his professional career on a global scale. Working for several high profile clients and organisations around the world, in support of their K9 programs. Greig has lived and worked throughout the world with the field of dog training and welfare being at the centre of his life.

Some of the clients included; United Nation, Chevron oil and gas, US Dept of State (Iraq), US Department of Defence (Syria), Ministry of Energy (Pakistan) Exxon Mobil, Australian Embassy (Afghanistan), American University (Afghanistan), Minetech International Dog Training School(South Africa), Dog Detectives K9 Training School(UK), Kings Royal Guard(Jordan), St.Kitts & Nevis Police & Customs.


BTEC Level 3 Award in education and training.
Master Trainer (Guild of Dog Trainers)
L3 in Kennel Management, Animal Husbandry & Care.
Ministry of Justice certified General Purpose K9 Instructor
Ministry of Justice certified Specialist Search Dog Instructor
BTEC Level 3 Advanced Dog Handling Techniques
L3 Advanced K9 Psychology (Animal Care college)
BSc Criminal Psychology