About John

John is driven and passionate when it comes to working with dogs, and his resume speaks to just that. His specialist ability to work with all manner of breeds in often challenging environments has kept him in high-demand throughout his professional career.

John greatly enjoyed his work for HMP Prison Service, where he was a Dog Handler and Officer for 14 years, carrying out lead searches nationwide and taking responsibility for the rehoming of dogs to suitable families. From there John provided global support services as a Security Dog Officer to Bentley Motors Limited and several of their high profile clients at major
sporting events. More recently John’s work has been the care and control of 2 explosive search dogs, working out of Canary Wharf and London Tower whilst also conducting regular training sessions with South Yorkshire and Surrey Police.

In his free time John likes to spend time with his two sons, often attending local Rugby League games together.


  • HMP Pro Active Dog Drug Detection
  • HMP Passive Dog Drug Protection
  • PYRO Dog Detection
  • HMP pro Active Dog Hooch Detection
  • HMP Animal & Behavioural Training
  • MDT & DST Search