About Nicola

Nicola is a qualified and experienced trainer who learnt from an early age she not only had a natural affinity with all animals but also the rare ability to bring out the best in their behaviours.

While she enjoys training and rehabilitating all dogs her specific skillset focuses on advanced obedience and corrective behaviours, specifically in protection work. Nicola lives with Samson, a loving Rottweiler of 2 years, Ryn, her black German Shepard of 15 months and the lady of the household, a 9yr old Husky called Gizmo (who still thinks she is a puppy!).

In her downtime, Nicola likes nothing more than spending time with her family and training her own dogs (there’s always something to work on)


Diploma in Dog Trainer
Level 2 Animal First Aid
Level 2 Animal Reiki Practitioner
Level 2 SIA licensed front line door supervisor
Level 5 Door supervisor management
Diploma in Criminology, Forensic science and Profiling