Finding a loving and caring home for a dog is the ultimate goal of foster care. Providing temporary homes for a few days to weeks and to some until they get adopted is the very concept of fostering.

And you may be wondering why there is a need for foster homes when there are shelters anyways. Here is a brief list:

  • Lack of accommodation. While shelters and rescue groups provide the immediate homes for dogs that were taken for granted, their space may not be enough for all of them. Their means of giving the utmost care may not be enough to cater to each and every dog. Some may need to be taken care of more than the others. This is aside from the fact that there should be available rooms for incoming ones that deserve the same love and attention.

  • Overcome trauma. Unfortunately, a high percentage of rescued dogs suffer from trauma. Such dogs may either be clammed up or aggressive. This makes it difficult for them to socialize. Giving a safe and secure home to a dog after a physical or even emotional trauma makes wonders. Fostering helps build the trust again and soon they will go out of their shells and enjoy the company of others. This can be achieved by showing tenderness and compassion which every dog deserves.

  • Saving lives. Paying close attention to newly-born or very young puppies can save their lives. They are too delicate to be let alone to survive. Some overstaying dogs and others who have been really sickly may be put to sleep if no foster homes will take them in. Opening your doors to these hapless creatures gives them a new lease on life.

  • Post-medical care. Dogs recovering from injury, illness, and surgery require close monitoring to make sure medications are not missed. Others may need to undergo therapy especially those who had bone surgery. Slowly getting them back on their feet literally is no easy task. But people who care will help them heal tremendously and have them up and running in no time.

  • Preparation for adoption. By being a foster parent, you are giving him hope by letting him learn how it feels to have a family. There are dogs which have not experienced at all how fun it is living in an actual home. They get scared at the sound of blenders and may not know how to use the stairs. Letting them adapt to his kind of life is what fostering provides. That is why you play an important role in giving him a chance in finding his forever home.

  • New beginning. As they are able to show their personalities by being themselves in foster homes, it makes it easier for the shelters to find them their perfect match with their new owners. Being transitioned from a shy and anxious dog to a happy and confident one is what you would usually expect as a result of fostering. Now, they are all set for a fresh, new start.

  • Favourable advantage. Giving foster care to these dogs may also be beneficial to you as it is to them. If you have just lost your pet to a long-standing illness, being a foster parent may make your heart heal faster. If you haven’t had a pet and you want to know if you will be up to it, this might be your first big step into owning one. The kind of joy they bring into our homes even for just a short while can never be equalled and it leaves a soft spot in our hearts forever. It feels great knowing that you are making a difference in their lives which is an integral part of their successful transition.

For all we know, you and the dog you are giving foster care to may end up as the perfect pair! That will be the day.